At Kibangu English Medium School everyone grows and learns. The children under our care learn from the adults and flourish. We desire to set an example that these children will remember for many years after they move on. We are hopeful as we watch them grow. We cherish their curiosity and celebrate when they leave part of their naivety behind. We watch them and smile as they practice some adult leadership roles. We have become a reliable home and a stable point of reference. Our alumni make us proud!

The office of Academic Affairs keeps us all on our feet. Our eyes are set for the stars as we strive to excel. At Kibangu we believe that every child is teachable. Every child has talent. This trust comes into the preparation of every scheme of work and every lesson plan. Every piece of homework and every test and examination seek to bring out the best of every learner. The dedication in every teacher makes every classroom a happy learning area. The different talents that the teachers bring with them make all the uniqueness we are famous for! 

You might have wondered how these kids make it through the day. Well, their meals are guaranteed each single day thanks to the amazing kitchen staff. Mrs. Elizabeth Kikarugaa (famously known as Mama K) can not be forgotten when we talk about true loyalty. She has served proudly and relentlessly together with her catering team since the first meal in 1996. 

Being in the information era, almost everything is digital. Kibangu School has not been left behind on this one either. The school has a modern computer laboratory with 25 computers. Programming lessons are taught by the renowned ‘Teacher Computer’, Mr. Kalembe, who came to Kibangu in 2008 and has made his mark on the school. More emphasis is being placed on helping students to learn and think in digital terms following the trend of the times we live in. This will equip them with knowledge needed to tackle work and life challenges that necessitate computer knowledge in order to survive, be relevant and make a difference in the world. The Digital Classrooms initiative is set to transform the way we teach and learn at Kibangu. "Enough of the chalkboard! Let’s go dig - Mr. Kalembe"