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Kibangu Schools Limited was born out of a decision by Professor Josephat Rugemalira and Mrs. Leah Rugemalira to establish a school at a small plot in the Ubungo Kibangu area of Dar es Salaam. The first group of eight pupils was admitted into Preparatory Grade on 3rd October 1994. These were promoted to First Grade in January 1995. This is the year that saw the amendment of the Education Act to allow non-government primary schools.

The registration process for the schools was completed in 1997. The nursery school was assigned Registration Number DS 02/7/EA/004 while the primary school got Registration Number DS 02/7/004. Meanwhile the first purpose-built classroom block was completed and commissioned and this provided sufficient space for a single stream school.

Land acquisition has been a major component of our growth strategy. By the end of the first twelve months the total land available had more than doubled to 1000 square metres, from the original 400 square metres. Today the total area available to the school is ten times the original, i.e. 4000 square metres, which provides ample space for a varied curriculum supported by a rich base of physical resources. These include three buildings of classrooms, playgrounds, a library, a computer laboratory, a dining hall and kitchen. These physical facilities now support a three-stream school.

The school has had pupils graduating from Seventh Grade since 2001 and moving on to the best secondary schools in the country – both private and public.

The spirit that sent us on this twenty-five-year journey is what has been called the ‘audacity of hope’. We take heart at the fact that there are even more audacious young men and women venturing on a similar path day by day. We are glad that there are challenges galore still, that we are nowhere near attaining that “dream school.”

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